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Saturday, January 17, 2015


It's a new year and we are thrilled to be welcoming our first guests of 2015, our Ursuline sisters from Colegio Santa Ursula in Lima, Peru. The 15 students and 2 teachers of the delgation will be with us for three weeks! They arrived on Friday and, as you can see in the photos below, they were received with great enthusiasm by our UA host students. We have lots of plans for our time together and it's going to be a fantastic visit - Bienvenidas a Texas!

Friday, December 5, 2014

POCC / SDLC 2014

Hello from Indianapolis! This week, 8 students and 4 Ursuline faculty / staff members are attending the annual NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) People of Color Conference (POCC) and Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC).  Over 3000 independent school students and educators are in attendance. The theme of the conference is "Pit Stops and Victory Laps - Going the Distance, Driving Change, Leading the Race toward Equity and Excellence." This important gathering of students and educators is always intense and emotional but it is especially so this year as we in the USA are experiencing of time of crisis with regard to race relations. It is a good time to come together for dialogue and for peaceful reflection on equity and justice issues.

Here are some highlights from the first days of the conference:

Christmas lights of Indianapolis

Ready to begin! 

Our delegates are excited for the days ahead! 

We love the student performances!

SDLC Leadership 

Opening speaker Dr. Michael Dyson discusses race relations in the USA

It's snowing! 

Comedian, Activist and Voice for Disabled and marginalized peoples, Maysoon Zayid

Dr. Derald Wing Sue discusses "Microagressions"

Downtown Indianapolis

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mater Dei School in Thailand

This week, we (Ms. Nipp & Ms. Chinuntdet) are visiting the Mater Dei School in Bangkok, Thailand. This Ursuline school is considered the top school in Thailand and has a rich history of excellent education. The school is 89 years old and has the distinction of being the only school in Thailand attended by the current King of Thailand (back when they allowed boys, of course). 

The school is a located in the heart of Bangkok and is a beautiful and peaceful oasis compared to the busy city life just outside the gates. More than 1900 K-12 students attend Mater Dei.  We enjoyed meeting the teachers, administrators and Ursuline sisters at Mater Dei but our favorite time was spent with the students. They tell us that they would welcome our students here and that they would love to visit Dallas as well. 

Our warm welcome and time at Mater Dei is only the beginning of what promises to be a long and happy collaboration between our two schools!  

High School students

Posing with School leaders and Ursuline Sisters

We gave Mater Dei a "Serviam" themed gift

Statue of St. Ursula

The large and beautiful Mater Dei Campus

Student Leaders

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Students attend Annual World Affairs Councils' Conference in Washington DC

One of our most treasured partnerships at Ursuline is with the World Affairs Council of DFW. Our membership in this organization gives countless learning opportunities to our students. This week, student leaders from our Jr. World Affairs Club are attending the annual National World Affairs Councils' Conference in Washington DC. The theme of the conference this year is America and the World 2015. Speakers and panels have discussed a wide range of topics including cyber security, Russia and the future of education.

Another special highlight of this conference is an Embassy reception. So, tonight, our students and teachers were guests of the Embassy of Singapore. It was a lovely evening where we learned all about the unique City-State of Singapore from the Ambassador of Singapore and his staff. What a wonderful learning experience this has been for all conference attendees!

Our distinguished delegation of engaged global citizens
Former Mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, discussing education with Brandon Busteed of Gallup
UA students with Tom Leppert
China Panel
Panel on Africa's transformation
Surprise! Jacqueline remembered panel moderator Karen Attiah from grade school 
Luncheon keynote speaker, scholar and author Moises Naim

Reception at the Embassy of Singapore
UA students with the Ambassador of Singapore
We also celebrated Jacqueline's birthday today - Happy Birthday! 
Ms. Nipp, Ms. Smith and Mr. Thompson at the Embassy of Singapore

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

British Delegation visits Ft. Worth

Our British friends have truly embraced Texas living this week. Today they visited the city of Ft. Worth. Ft. Worth is just to the west of Dallas and is considered the city "where the West begins." The students visited the Cowgirl Museum, The Ft. Worth Stockyards and the world-famous country dance club, Billy Bob's Texas. They even learned a few local dances from Wendell the Cowboy! What a wonderful way to experience Texas! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Dallas Day"

Today our visiting delegation from Wimbledon learned a lot about Dallas and about two of our US Presidents, President Kennedy and President George W. Bush. Before leaving for the 6th Floor Museum, the students met with Ms. Smith, our journalism teacher here at UA.  Ms. Smith explained to the students what it was like growing up in Dallas after the assassination of JFK and about how personal that tragic event was for her and for all Dallasites at the time. This discussion proved to be the perfect backdrop for the visit to the 6th Floor Museum and the scene of the assassination. After their visit, the students agreed that the 6th Floor Museum communicates so well the events of November 22, 1963 as well as the Kennedy legacy in the US and around the world.

Later in the afternoon, after a delicious Tex-Mex lunch, our guests visited the Bush Presidential Library on the campus of Southern Methodist University. All were impressed by the architecture as well as the interactive nature of the Library.  What a wonderful day we had today in Big D! 

Ms. Smith recalling the life-changing events of 1963

Hello from the "Oval Office!" 

The Bush Presidential Library at SMU 

Monday, October 27, 2014

School Day with our British sisters

Today was an exciting day at Ursuline as we welcomed our British sisters to our campus. After a busy weekend of dances, football games and other enjoyable American pastimes with their host families, it was time for our guests to come to school. Each student attended classes with her Dallas Host sister after a busy morning which included an official welcome from Mrs. Shurley, the Principal of Ursuline Academy, greeting the UA student body on the public-address system and a tour of the school with Karen and Madison, two Ursuline student ambassadors.  We also took a moment to celebrate Alice's birthday as Alice, one of our British guests, turned 16 on Sunday. Additionally, each student received a special gift from Ursuline Academy so that she can have a memento of her time in Dallas. It was a fast-paced but joyful day for all!

Everyone is excited to welcome our UK sisters :)

Visiting the Attendance Office

Happy Birthday, Alice!

Snuggling with UA bears

We all love the bears!

Mrs. Shurley greets the delegation