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Monday, February 8, 2016

Farewell to our Peruvian sisters - Muchos abrazos!!

Oh how sad we were to say goodbye to our Peruvian sisters this morning! We had a little Farewell breakfast at St. Ursula's and distributed USA pins to the Peruvians and friendship pins to our UA host students. The three weeks we spent together were wonderful and flew by much too quickly. There were lots of hugs and tears as our host families said farewell. Hermanas Peruanas, we love you and we can't wait to see you in Lima!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Catholic Schools Week ends in glory for the Peruvians

Today at UA, we enjoyed two special events. In celebration of Catholic Schools week, we had an afternoon assembly where various student groups performed and where a few lucky students were allowed to "pie" a favorite teacher (for a price - all proceeds went to St. Catherine's Girls' school in Kenya). Lucky Daniela, from our Peruvian delegation, was selected to pie Mr. Poellet. As if this were not thrilling enough, our visiting guests teachers, Betty Maruy and Olga Montaldo, won first place in the highly competitive UA "souper bowl" annual faculty soup competition. They made a "Peruvian kickin chicken" soup which was delicious! Congratulations!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Peruvian students visit the Dallas World Aquarium

Our Peruvian guests continued their adventures around Dallas this week. On special highlight was a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium where they learned about different animal specials that inhabit the Americas. The students particularly enjoyed seeing the shark tank and the sloth. They also loved walking through the man-made rain forest which is a special distinction of the Aquarium.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Classes at UA

We always like to welcome our guest delegations into our classes at UA Dallas. Today, our Peruvian students attended a Photography class, a Spanish Class and the Sports Medicine class. Sports Medicine is a popular elective in our Physical Education department at Ursuline. Today the students were learning about the human body and muscles. Our Peruvian sisters joined the class in outlining human bodies and labeling muscles, bones, etc. It was a great way to learn and to enjoy a beautiful day together in Dallas!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Peruvians around Dallas

Our Peruvian delegation has been very busy these past few days. The students have visited numerous sites around Dallas including the Cathedral, the Meyerson Symphony Center and the Geo-deck at Reunion Tower. They are learning their way around town and they are rapidly becoming Dallasites.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Feast of St. Angela

What joy to have our Peruvian and Chilean sisters with us to celebrate the Feast of St. Angela! We started the day with a Mass that was extra special as Bishop Farrell was the celebrant. It was a lovely Mass and it was so nice to include our guests in the offertory procession and in the opening procession. After Mass, the teachers attended a special reception with Bishop Farrell while the students prepared for an afternoon of service at the North Texas Food bank.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chile and Peru Presentations

Today our Chilean and Peruvian sisters taught us a bit about their home countries and their schools. Both presentations were excellent and enjoyed by the UA students in the audience. First, we heard from the Chilean delegation. They explained the different geographic regions and diversity of Chile. They also sang a beautiful chorale song at the end of their presentation. It was lovely and all of us were impressed by the advanced level of English of the students.


Next, we heard from the Peruvian delegation. This year, they went into great detail about the different ethnic groups in Peru and the various groups of immigrants which have helped form modern day Peru. One student, Ariana, sang a traditional Peruvian song (beautiful!) and then the group performed several classic Peruvian dances. It was very entertaining and even more enjoyable when our UA girls joined the fun! Thank you to both groups of students for preparing these wonderful lessons for us!