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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Visiting Ursuline Schools in France

This week, as the school year comes to an end, we are already looking ahead at the year to come and to new relationships. We are currently visiting Ursuline schools in France and are very excited about future collaborations.  The first school that we have visited is called Blanche de Castille and it is located in Nantes, France. Nantes is located in northwest France and is one of the major cities of the historic province of Brittany.

Blanche de Castille

The Cathedral of Nantes

Ms. Nipp at the Castle of Nantes (can you see me?)

Ms. Hansson with the Ursuline community in Nantes

The second school that we have visited is also in Brittany but it is in a smaller city called Vannes. Vannes is a beautiful port city. The Ursuline school is called Lycée Notre‐ Dame Le Ménimur. It is a very large co-ed school of over 1000 pupils. The school administrators gave us a very warm reception and we also enjoyed an extensive school tour of all of the excellent facilities.  


Downtown Vannes

The port 
The School Library 
New and Old friends - Ms. Nipp with School Administrators 
Our third school visit was to St. Ursule in Paris. We visited the two campuses of this large and historic school. St. Ursule is just over 100 years old and it is located in the Northwest part of Paris. It is a dynamic and beautiful school of about 1500 pupils (both boys and girls). 

Sr. Florence Marie, Ms. Nipp & Headmaster M. Jacomino

With the Ursuline community of Paris 
Our time in France has been lovely. We have seen and learned a lot, particularly about Ursuline education in France. As we return home, our hearts are full and our minds are working on plans for future collaborations. We will definitely be announcing a sister school partnership in France in the new year - Stay tuned for all of the excitement! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wilmington Presentation

On Friday, our Wilmington sisters gave an excellent presentation about their lives in Delaware and about Ursuline Academy of Wilmington. Several UA Dallas classes attended as did all of the host sisters. We learned a lot about the small but distinguished state of Delaware and, of course, all UA Dallas students are now very eager to visit their East Coast sisters. Thank you for the wonderful presentation!!  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

UA Wilmington enjoys "Serviam Day" in Dallas

One of the themes of our exchange with UA Wilmington is "Serviam", the Ursuline motto "I will serve." Before coming to Dallas, our Delawarean sisters told us that they would be interested in learning about Serviam here at UA Dallas and learning about some of the "Texas" Serviam opportunities. So, today, our guests had a full day of Serviam activities. 

Because our guests have just arrived, first thing this morning, we took a few minutes out for introductions over the PA system and for a school tour. 

Good Morning Ursuline Dallas! 

Ambassador Elizabeth led the students on a short tour of UA 

Our first Serviam activity was contributing to an ongoing project led by UA faculty member, Ms. Buxkemper.  The goal is to provide headbands and hair bows for little girls in local hospitals who are currently going through cancer treatment. All headbands from UA are donated to "Bow Dazzling" a local non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the spirits of girls in oncology wards.  Our Delaware sisters created some beautiful bows and headbands! 

After an artistic morning, our Wilmington guests went to the North Texas Food Bank for a bit of a work out. At the food bank, they learned about the issue of hunger in North Texas and they organized boxes of snacks for needy families. In fact, they helped fill 12 full pallets and 398 boxes of snacks! Great work and a great day! 

Happy to be here! 

WOW!!!!!! So many snacks to organize!

Working hard! 

No, I am not taking these home - really! 

In the work zone! 

Working till the end of the shift - well done!

Our group with our new friend and group leader from Maryland 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome Ursuline Academy of Wilmington, Delaware!!!

Today a small but mighty delegation arrived from our sister school, Ursuline Academy of Wilmington, Delaware. 5 students and 2 faculty members will be with us until the 14th. We are thrilled to have our Delawarean sisters with us for the second time in the history of our partnership - It's going to be a fantastic week! Welcome to Texas!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last Day at Colegio Santa Ursula

Today was the last day for our delegation in Chile. And it was a very busy day! Our students returned to classes at Colegio Santa Ursula with their host sisters. They enjoyed a special cooking class where they learned to make Alfajores, a delicious Latin American cookie typically filled with caramel. The students also gave a farewell presentation to the students at Colegio Santa Ursula, sharing with them all about their lives in Texas and also about how much they have enjoyed and learned from their time in Chile. It's going to be very difficult to say goodbye!  

Master Chefs at work

Snacking on apples & caramel

Cleaning up after the work is done

Working on our presentation 

Ms. Ayala and Ms. Pezzimenti with Sor Angela (Sister Angela)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Santa in Chile

Our students have been enjoying a deep cultural immersion this week as they celebrate the Easter holiday with their host families. "Semana Santa", Holy Week, is a special time for reflection and relaxation with family in Latin America. Many Chilean families leave the city during long weekends and enjoy either the mountains or the beach, each only an hour away from Santiago. Our students have sent us the photos below to show where and how they are spending their time. All are improving their Spanish and all are eating delicious traditional Chilean foods such as the empanada, a delicious pastry typically filled with meat. The students are also in awe of the natural beauty of Chile.